Web Design Projects

Screenshot of the New Day Coffee landing page

New Day Coffee

Much like the product they wanted to bring to market, New Day Coffee requested help for creating a website that needed to present a powerful message about what their coffee can do for their audience. PixelRiot's role was part of their search for Series A Funding by creating a temporary website to showcase to investors.

Screenshot of Project Ink PDX

Project Ink

Project Ink is a great example of presentation and the user experience coexisting to create an elegant yet intuitive website. The web design reflects the branding Laura used, which falls in line with the industry aesthetics. PixelRiot juggled design with functionality to introduce scheduling and pre-pay for future services, as well as ecommerce for clients to purchase the products Laura uses at their own convenience.

Screenshot of J.L. Amos' home page

J.L. Amos

J.L. Amos is a published author with an impressive tenure in the literary world that needed a website versatile enough to capture her quick sense of humor, writing style, and professional background. PixelRiot's goal was to create a cohesive experience for visitors where the site is flexible for any kind of content she wants to publish.

Screenshot of the CoJointly home page


Some people seek to solve problems that are both delicate and important. PixelRiot was approached by a group of mobile app developers who needed a web application that their mobile app would interface with. PixelRiot was given complete freedom in design, technology, and implementing scalability for the anticipated large user base.

Screenshot of Tactical Clean Northwests home page

Tactical Clean NW

The owner of Tactical Clean wanted her company website to showcase their work, but also how her and her crew worked with grace and a sense of humor. Brianne's website portrayed a warm, light hearted approach to help potential customers to not feel uncomfortable or embarassed about strangers cleaning up their messes.

Screenshot of the Datura Online websites home page

Datura Online

An absolutely delightful company to provide services for! Datura offers a robust multimedia and ecommerce learning platform for people wanting to learn about belly dancing. The project was to implement a custom API that interacted with a payment gateway that wasn't officially supported by the ecommerce platform Magento.